Larrivee Designer Hardware Center is the place to go when you have a furniture or home restoration project that needs that one certain type of drawer pull, doorknocker, black iron hinge, or push-button face plate. We proudly represent over 300 sources of uncommon period hardware. Our research staff can determine if the piece you are looking for is still being manufactured and, if not, can offer you suggestions for alternate hardware.

We're here to show you some of the unusual hardware items we offer, as well as to provide you with a wealth of information on restoring and preserving your furniture or home. Our tradition hearkens back to the days when the village hardware store was a place where people gathered to sit around the fire and chat with friends and neighbors...a place where advice was freely offered and debated.

So, come on in and join us in the nooks and crannies of the Larrivee Designer Hardware's web pages!